Michelle Desjardins is a certified acupuncturist with 12 years experience in the preventative health and nutrition fields. She tailors her techniques to each patient’s needs and her office provides a serene, therapeutic environment.

As with most health practitioners, your first visit will begin with an interview about your medical history, level of stress and any patterns of discomfort or disease. Michelle will examine your tongue and Chinese pulse to complete an energetic diagnosis.

She uses this information to develop a course of treatment tailored to your age, constitution and health status.

Some people wonder about the needles used in acupuncture.

Certified acupuncturists use sterilized and disposable needles. Unlike hypodermic needles, they are hair-thin and inserted to a much shallower level. Though acupuncture is not painful, you will feel different sensations when your “Qi” is stimulated. These can be a numbing feeling, heaviness, or sometimes, a small jolt. They last just a few seconds. Acupuncture treatments are generally relaxing.

During the treatment, the needles may be stimulated to unblock, tone or disperse “Qi” and can often be completed with other therapeutic methods such as massage, moxibustion and medicinal herbs.

Michelle Desjardins is certified and trained to use an acupuncture laser. Acupuncture laser treatments are completely painless, create no heat and do not damage body tissues.
Acupuncture lasers work by stimulting healthy cells only, with specific frequencies, depending on each patients needs.

Acupuncture laser therapy is recommended for children and the elderly and can be used for any person who fears needles or in hypersensitive zones (like the face, and the palms of the hands and feet), with the same results as conventional acupuncture.